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Never Collide spends much of our time behind the scenes, connecting with building owners to encourage change. Often the relationships and dialogue we foster are a combination of letters, emails, phone calls, and meetings, that help lead to treatment. This section of our website aims to celebrate the locations we connect with that take action, making a better world for the birds!


On April 1, 2022, we reached out to Oxford Properties with collision data regarding 200 Wellington St W & 225 King St W. In early May, after an encouraging meeting, we provided additional information, including bird impact photos and the names of collision deterrent manufacturers. The positive dialogue continued, and on September 13, 2022, Oxford Properties wrote to Never Collide, stating they would be treating both buildings in the fall.

Thank you, Oxford Properties, for acting to prevent collisions by installing Feather Friendly® bird deterrent markers.. Your efforts will save thousands of birds over the lifetime of these buildings.


In June 2021, our volunteers began working with 30 & 40 St. Clair Ave W property management, Slate REIT and Colliers International, encouraging them to treat their clear glass railings with bird deterrent markers. 

After much positive dialogue, Slate REIT and Colliers International began installing Feather Friendly® in early Autumn 2022. They also created a poster on "Lights Out" for their lobby to educate guests and tenants.


We thank them for acting to protect birds!


Never Collide began speaking with the City of Toronto Mayor’s Office, City Planning and Corporate Real Estate Management, on March 27, 2022. We provided them with data from the Global Bird Collision Mapper for 55 John Street. The data, collected primarily by FLAP volunteer patrollers, consisted of dead and injured birds that hit the building from 2000 to 2021. We also provided pictures of dead birds found at the location.

They responded within days and through much positive correspondence, agreed to install mitigation measures to prevent bird deaths. By August, and ahead of the fall migration, the city installed Feather Friendly® bird deterrent markers to the second floor of the eastern façade. Thank you, City of Toronto!

We will continue to speak with them to ensure they treat remaining surfaces and the glass railings. We hope to see the other façades treated soon to protect birds.


In Spring of 2021, one of our volunteers and a tenant connected with the property manager at 100 Sheppard Ave E in North York to discuss treating the building with bird deterrent markers.


Their response was positive and immediate! 

It is another joyous win for our birds. Work began in 2021 with the first two floors completed with Feather Friendly® and continuing into 2022.

We hope to see more surface area treated in the future!


Thanks to your fantastic support, our first campaign to encourage change at the TD Towers in downtown Toronto was a success!

Bird deterrent markers from Feather Friendly® were installed in the Summer of 2021 at all six towers, and we couldn't be happier. 

We commend Cadillac Fairview and TD Bank for committing to this project and affirming that birds and the environment are worth protecting.